Choosing principles of decorative lights

When we choose the lighting, we had better notice the following five principles.

First same room would be equipped with similar height lights. If the height of room is below 3 meters, we could not choose the pendant light, large Antique Chandeliers or high crystal chandeliers, otherwise brings inconvenience for the people.

Second same room is fixed with similar area lights. Area of lights would not be above 2%-3% area of the room, if the lights are not enough for the room, we could add the amount of the lights, otherwise that influence the decoration effect.

Antique Chandeliers

Third lights styles are harmony with the room style. Different kinds of lights would be harmony with the decoration styles, avoids complex feeling.

Fourth different room could choose different lights. When we choose lights for bathroom, kitchen and so on, we had better choose waterproof and moisture proof lights in order to keep the lights go through normally.

Fifth different kinds of lights is with different load capacity. Especially for the ceiling, it must have enough load to be installed proper lights.

Different home style collocate with different lights, except above vintage light style, how to choose suitable lights to decorate modern and simple style of home, you can read this article and get some ideas.