Tips for lace curtain collocation

People who is going to have a custom made curtain would find that curtain lace ornament is very different to do and to achieve a perfect collocation for which has very strict requirements of fabric material, at the same time should can match the valance. Great change to have a more attractive room if lace curtain has perfect collocation for home decor. In order to have an individual room style, there are some tips for lace curtain selection.


Sash and beaded embellishments are great distinguish for curtain decoration, The shiny satin sash soften the transparent bead appearance to gain an elegant eye-catching. Ruffled lace ornament usually representation of romantic and sweet atmosphere adorned with gold beaded ornament. Simple but gorgeous.

Wave-shape lace ornament can be used on curtain inside part to have great decorative achievement for a simple curtain. Both decorative and functional,especially curtain made from chiffon material. With lace ornament on curtain panels, great decorative achievement easy to see when hang them on in the front of the window for home decor. The same can be seem on curtain itself if there is lace ornament decorated on fabric curtain to make an unique appearance. Thus, lace curtain bright the home and makes home look more attractive.

lace curtain

Differ from other common curtains, lace curtain need to pay more attention to its collocation when use for home decoration. In order to have good looking for home decor, ensure lace curtain can go well with other decors in a room.