The color art of bedroom curtains

Curtain is the most important part of household decoration, designing reasonable decoratation can make the bedroom harmonious and unified, creating a warm and romantic effect. The color art of the bedroom curtains also have greatly exquisite, besides the fabrics and colors of bedroom curtains, more attention should be paid to the collocation and coordination with bedroom, only in harmony with surrounding of metope and furniture, which can build a whole aesthetic feeling of warmth. The bedroom needs to be coordinated with walls and the furniture collocation. If the wall is light yellow or yellow, tables and chairs is purple or brown, then you can use blue or yellow bedroom curtains, which gives people the sense with bright light; If the wall is light blue, furniture is yellow or white series, so you can choose light yellow sheer curtains for your bedroom, which gives people a warm feeling; If the wall is white or ivory color, tables and chairs are pale yellow, then you can use orange red or blue pattern curtains for your bedroom, using its bright color to decorate a bedroom. If there are many decorations on the wall, the curtains should choose a pure color, lessing the produce mixed and disorderly feeling. If you want your bedroom is decorated comfortable, you should select the curtain with configuration which should be simple but elegant warmth and beautiful, to ensure our sleeping at ease, we can choose colors according to individual which be fond of tonal changes in temperature. Colorful Bedroom Curtains crateandbarrel